GENRE Hard Melodic Trance, Epic Trance, Hard House, Euro Trance, Old Skool     
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Suzy Solar shines as a well-respected female trance DJ on the international music scene. Although her main love is trance music, she has a flair for borrowing sounds from progressive and trancey hard house and taking her listeners on a unique trip with her tight layering, energy, flow, and creativity.

Born in Miami, Florida, Suzy has had a fascination for music and technology since early childhood. She decided at the age of three that she wanted to grow up to be a DJ and musician and started collecting records. Growing up in the 70 s, she amazed family members by predicting that the sound for the new millenium would be electronic and entertained the idea that drummers would be obsolete.

Suzy knew that she was destined for success, and began to get herself recognized at the age of thirteen. She won various dance and thespian contests and was often featured on TV. In 1987, she went on to become the lead singer of the death metal band, Dead, and they recorded an EP on Gore Records, a sub-label of Germany s Nuclear Blast Records.

Suzy went to school for mass communications and produced her own music television show from 1992 1994 titled The Morbid Underground. The show featured death metal and punk videos, and Suzy made comical skits and interviews with some of the top names in underground rock music. Some of the bands featured were Pantera, White Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Testament, and many more. Although it was only airing on cable access, she became swamped with fan mail pouring in from various regions of the world. Her show became so popular that even Saturday Night Live spoofed it! (The skit was Goth Talk with Suzy from Tampa.) What was even more amazing was the fact that Suzy had produced, hosted, edited, written, directed, promoted, and executed all of the technical work for her whole show, with only one other person on her team the cameraman.

In 1992, Suzy had purchased her first trance CD titled Trance formed >From Beyond, and fell head over heels in love with this music and began to attend electronica clubs and events. In 1997, she bought her first pair of turntables and never looked back.

Suzy Solar landed her first appearance as the campus DJ on the Playboy Channel s Sorority Girls, only three months after she started to learn to mix. Two months later, she landed her first club residency and went on to play every weekend at the top clubs, events, and parties in Florida.

In 1999, Suzy and her partner, DJ Lil B started Solar Power Music, Inc. Originally a mobile deejay service for small local clubs and parties, the company grew to international status in only one year s time. Through hard work and clever marketing, Suzy and Lil B began to play steadily at massive shows in Europe, Canada, Central America, and the US. Twice a week, they also have their own Internet radio shows, Trance Fetish on and Solar Power Sessions on

Suzy s first mix CD on Neurodisc Records titled The Perfect Trance has sold more than 15,000 in the US, and has received outstanding reviews. These days, Suzy is focused on taking her career to the next level. She is utilizing her beautiful singing voice and talent for writing and creating melodies to make her own original tracks. As a former bass player, she is also planning on using live bass in her music. Currently, she has joined forces with Miss Shiva and Steve Kay from Germany to collaborate and will have a track out on Shiva Sounds very soon.

Suzy genuinely loves people and enjoys hanging out and chatting with her fans. She is known for her positive outlook and her uplifting personality shines through in her music and stage presence. Her true happiness comes from making others happy and to give them inspiration to go out and make their dreams come true. It s no wonder that Suzy Solar has captured the hearts of those who have been touched her presence.